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Feed Back

Native Awareness Training

* You have opened my eyes to the current situation with Canada's first people. The training was done in kindness. I was expecting a b#$% session but was very surprised. Thank you again for opening my eyes.    NAT Michael -Foster Parent

* Very respectful and in depth explanation about the importance of the circles and significance gave me such a deep appreciation of life. This will really help me reach a better understanding of my students. Thank you    NAT Brenda -Teacher


Youth Empowerment

* The kids loved every minute of it!!  - Maestro Program Boys and Girls Club 

* My name is Chris I really enjoyed your presentation I am currently on the streets and trying to get out. You have been a big inspiration to me and I feel that I have a chance to do something with my life, despite where I come from. I hope you continue to do the work that you do.

* I really enjoyed your presentation and stories. I also am fully Aboriginal but don't look it. You have really touched me with the things you said and explained to us. It was awesome how you made us all laugh, hope to see you soon.   Amanda

* Dear Walter thank you for sharing some positive aspects of my Native Culture. I tend to stereo type my own kind. Because I've only seen the negative of Indian people. And I am very Happy to that there is a lot of positive things Indians have given to Canada. And that there is still a strong spiritual foundation being practiced by our people.   Ken


White Bear Music