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“S’Low Down” Marks The Triumphant Return of Wooten and Bailey’s Bass Extremes

For fans of bass, SLow Down marks the triumphant return of two bass legends. Guitar virtuoso Victor Wooten and fretless bass monster Steve Bailey, along with drummer Gregg Bissonette, have teamed up to produce a new album. The album is Wooten and Baileys’ first in nearly two decades and relies on connections within the bass world to produce an album that’s rich with virtuoso bass playing. The album features 10 original songs and the band’s members have mixed in some of the world’s most notable bassists.

The album was recorded in Nashville, Boston, and Myrtle Beach over 18 months. Bailey and Wooten performed as a duo, with each functioning as a bassist, composer, and sound engineer. The album was produced using both conventional and unconventional techniques to create an album full of flavor and nuance. The album is available digitally on iTunes, Amazon MP3, and other streaming platforms.

The album features an eclectic array of guest musicians, including legendary bassists and virtuoso jazz musicians. On the album “Ready, Set, Slow,” the bass duo is joined by Bootsy Collins, Marcus Miller, and Ron Carter. Other notables include Jeff Coffin, Bela Fleck, and John Patitucci. Various members of the band play other instruments, and the album are filled with jazz and blues-infused compositions.

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Fire Ignites Trees Near Hollywood Bowl as Guests Exit ‘Sound of Music’ Event

The Sound of Music Festival takes place every mid-June in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. It usually falls on Father’s Day weekend. The festival attracts music lovers from across Canada. The event features a large variety of performers, including pop artists and internationally renowned artists. The event has become an essential part of Burlington’s cultural life.

If you are looking for a unique experience, the Sound of Music Festival may be just what you’re looking for. Featuring live performances of all genres, this outdoor event is the perfect place for music lovers to get together and enjoy a concert. The festival attracts over 200,000 people each year and generates $12.5 million in economic activity.

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In the nineteenth century, composers began to explore the use of music to express emotions. The piano was a central instrument in this period, and composers like Frederic Chopin created deeply emotional piano pieces.

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Walter MacDonald White Bear is a Cree singer-songwriter originally from the First Nation of Moose Factory, Ontario.  In addition, Walter is an educator, performer and motivational speaker.

He has been performing acoustic and flute music for several years.  Performance highlights include The Edmonton Folk Music Festival, The Chiefs Summit with Tom Jackson, The Dream Speakers Festival, The Mountain Song Native Theater, World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education and more. 

Walter has been featured as a keynote speaker at various conferences with topics including Social Services, Justice, Education, Wellness and the Environment.

He’s music is a reflection of his personal journey as a First Nations person in Canada.  He has shared his cultural knowledge with various audiences that range from correctional services to principals, teachers and students